Biggest Bitcoin Gambling Wins in History Bitcoin Chaser ...

Largest bitcoin casino loses 8,000 BTC to an asian gambler known as 'nakowa'

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Largest Bitcoin Casino loses over 15,000BTC to an asian gambler known as 'nakowa'

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Fryktløse «Nakowa» hanket inn nesten 11 000 bitcoins på svært aggressiv spilling i helgen

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Bitcoin casino Just-Dice high-roller Nakowa loses 2300BTC (by HidariMigi)

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Biggest Bitcoin Online Casino Wins

Over the last couple of years online casinos (카지노) have seen a massive change and that’s cryptocurrency. Bitcoin started to sweep the industry beginning in just one casino first and growing to others, rapidly. Now cryptocurrency comes part and parcel and, today, we are going to look at some of the biggest casino winners who have played in bitcoin.

Big Wins Happen in Bitcoin too

A big win can happen at any time, any where, it can also happen in any currency and cryptocurrency. We’ve seen some of the biggest gambling wins happening in bitcoin and with the fluctuation of prices a bitcoin win can even increase over time.
This newest phase to hit the industry has actually made thousands of players very wealthy indeed and it holds some of the most impressive biggest casino wins from players around the globe.
Bitcoin has made thousands of players very wealthy overnight at many online casinos.
Now, playing in bitcoins shouldn't be confusing, because just like when you're playing in your usual currency, you don't always need to bet big to win big. And, some of the casino winners' stories we're going to show you today are proof of that.

The Top 7 Bitcoin Casino Wins

So, let's have a look at some of our biggest casino wins, starting with an exciting story that happened back in 2016, when bitcoin really started to kick off:

1. Player Cashed out an Incredible Win of 174 Bitcoins

The beauty of bitcoin is players get to remain anonymous and it was indeed an anonymous player at BetChain Casino that made the first big win on our list. Back in July of 2016, a lucky bitcoin winner playing big win games managed to scoop not just one win, but two. The player cashed out an incredible 174 bitcoins made up of a 60 win bitcoin and a 114 win. At the time, this converted into an impressive $122.496.

2. A 259.74 Bitcoin Win Led to a Life Changing $1.3M

The next biggest casino win was Nakowa back in September of 2016. At the time the player managed to bank a life changing $1.3m after they won 11.000 bitcoins. This is one of the biggest casino winners ever.

3. Anonymous Player Snagged 259.74 Bitcoins

Then, in February of 2017, another anonymous player at Bitcoin Video Casino won 259.74 bitcoins. This big win converted to €259.399 at the time.

4. Series of Big Wins Banked from 216 Bitcoins

Heading straight in at number four is another anonymous win only this time it was at Cloudbet Casino. In March of 2017 a player, from a series of big wins banked a cool 216 bitcoins. This was from a 160 bitcoin win, coupled with another 56 bitcoin win totaling $255.000 but in the same play session. The most impressive bit of all is that the lucky member placed a mere bet of just 0.16 BTC on the Troll Hunters Slot to bag that first 160 bitcoin win.

5. Player Won 15 Bitcoins Worth $118.000

The next entry into our list of the biggest casino winners is an anonymous player at BitStarz Casino. The player bagged 15 bitcoins which was worth $118.000 at the time.
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A BIG thank you to Jason King and Sean's Outpost

I've never even met Jason, I'm not thanking him for anything he has done for me personally; rather, I am thanking he and his organization on behalf of the entire bitcoin community.
A common scare tactic used by governments and the media is to associate their target with whatever illegal or unethical things they can. In the case of bitcoin, it's rare to find a mainstream news story about it that doesn't mention it can be used to buy drugs or other illegal things online.
Sean's Outpost has done a LOT to promote and to legitimize bitcoin in the eyes of the mainstream. The recent Wired article was some great press, and I feel that it's only the beginning for Sean's Outpost.
You guys are awesome.
Best, Martin Gale
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A Bitcoin Gambler Wins the Biggest Bitcoin Gamble, Takes Away 11,000 Bitcoins

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FLASHBACK/PSA: Value your BTC dearly. If you don't, you may well regret it in the future (mechs just-dice 7k btc loss)
I was thinking last night about Mechs (fuckit) and wanted to remind myself just how many BTC he lost on just-dice. At the time it was painful enough, the coins were worth $800k. Today they're worth around $18m.
Value your Bitcoin dearly, if you don't you may well regret it for a very long time.
Anyone remember those days? Mechs + Nakowa sending shockwaves through the just-dice chat. fun times, miss them a lot.
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Scammers try to rob 20,000+ on Reddit with false Gambling site

These are scams:
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How to Win @ Prime Dice Just Dice Bot 2018 - Increase your Wins with its unique system! playing with auto script imacros bots cheats Investor vs Nakowa @ Just-Dice

Bitcoin Record – While playing at casino Nakowa in September of 2016, an anonymous player bagged one of the largest Bitcoin wins recorded to date. While playing a video slot, the reels aligned ... The username Nakowa will be remembered by bitcoin users for a very long time after winning 11,000 BTC on an online casino, September of last year.His (assuming that he is a guy) lucky streak, valued at about $1.3 million, is the highest to date. There are two things that make his win truly notable- he beat one of the biggest cryptocurrency casino and he did it in just a few days. Dados de bitcoin Dados de bitcoin. Sufrieron muchas persecuciones por parte de los casinos de Las Vegas y ahora han empezado de nuevo con un nuevo portal, SwC, formado por el mismo equipo y dispuesto a volver a recuperar vuestra confianza, dados de bitcoin. Dados de bitcoin nakowa Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. Talk Of Travel Forum - Member Profile > Activity Page. User: Nakowa bitcoin-Würfel, sunmaker code bestandskunden, Title: New Member, About: Nakowa bitcoin-Würfel &nb...

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How to Win @ Prime Dice

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